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This is a multi-year ballet training program for pre-teens to take them to the highest pre-professional level in the shortest possible time by rigorously addressing the six most crucial requirements of professional ballet training.

These include:

       Training intensively in ballet fundamentals.

       Incorporating power stretching into daily training.

       Creating a solid foundation in pointe work at age 11 to 12 to develop the confidence to focus on            extracts from classical repertoire ballet.

       Liberating the student’s ability to inhabit a role without inhibition through theatrical training in            improvisation, mimicry and projection.

       Collaborating with professional companies so as to expose students to a diversity of international        environments.

       Training and exposing students to authentic high-level one-on-one Competitions.

Our Team

Our Team


Classical Ballet / Pointe Work / Repertoire

Pilates Master Trainer - Body Conditioning

Tiziana Taborri.png

Danza Gioco - Carattere - ABT/NTC Exam Preparation

Antonio Santandrea

Modern Jazz -Tip Tap

Oliviero copy.png

Contemporary Dance - Resident Choreographer

Ghily Frugoni 2.png
Ghily Frugoni

Modern - Hip Hop - Street Jazz

Contact Us

Contact Us

Ashkenazy Ballet Center

1. Via Prüssiána 1, 6984 Pura, Switzerland

2. Via Trevano 29, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Tel:  +41 78 878 54 67 / +41 91 600 97 73


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